Bitcoin Advisory

AdvisoryFX is the global leader in Bitcoin Advisory. Bitcoin has two major components – the technology and the currency.

AdvisoryFX’s currency and technology backgrounds, including managing the EUR rollout for the Global Treasury unit of a AAA-rated German bank, are without parallel in this nascent industry.

AdvisoryFX’s Bitcoin credentials are even more extensive, trading a currency less than a decade old. AdvisoryFX Partners have each participated significantly in the emergence of the currency including experience:

a) Managing a Bitcoin arbitrage hedge fund
b) Raising capital for investment in Bitcoin-related businesses
c) Serving as a Bitcoin liquidity providers to exchanges and institutions
d) Creating the largest North American network of Bitcoin ATM’s

AdvisoryFX has a dedicated practice area to Bitcoin Capital Markets; providing liquidity and trading solutions, ranging from trading desks for top-tier financial institutions to liquidity to the ‘new wave’ of Bitcoin financial service providers.

Recent developments have shown that major financial institutions already grasp Bitcoin opportunities and are are beginning to plan and execute Bitcoin-related banking strategies. AdvisoryFX also provides education for regional banks and conducts free training. Our Bitcoin Banking practice includes:

* Leveraging Bitcoin to achieve growth & profitability
* Bitcoin-readiness assessment
* Develop organisational, operational, risk and technology roadmaps for deploying Bitcoin solutions
* Risk auditing and testing
* Technology assessment, evaluation and integration


AdvisoryFX offers a no-cost, 90-minute work session “Bitcoin Opportunities in the Next 50 Years”. To see highlights of the session, please click here.

Bitcoin is the “internet of money”…

What does this mean? What did the internet do to news and publishing? It enabled people to publish their thoughts and analysis of news. And this it upended the news business.

Not because Peter Jennings and the NY Times were not trustworthy, but because the NY Times doesn’t just trust anyone to write a news story. The Internet overwhelmed them as traditional gate keepers and taste makers, empowering anyone to publish.

Bitcoin does the same thing for international payments. It doesn’t do that because we don’t trust banks (serious people do not distrust banks). Bitcoin does this because it enables me to send money to anyone I want.

Both of us don’t need to be trusted by banks, trusted to use their systems, trusted to get the wire instructions correct, trusted with handling money.

Instead we get to be the bank, just like YouTube lets us be the TV network.

This isn’t meant as a threat to banking, but it is a reversal or an inversion of power. Bitcoin the capital-B technology enables this, but bitcoin the currency may or may not catch on and take over the purpose of the dollar.

Learn more about “Big B” and “little b” opportunities with an AdvisoryFX Bitcoin Opportunities working session.