Bitcoin Opportunities for Financial Institutions

“Bitcoin Opportunities in the Next 50 Years”

Depending on our audience’s expertise, we can lengthen or shorten our focus on getting clients ‘up to speed’ before walking through the opportunities. Here is our traditional discussion Outline.

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1) Study First [Resources]

2) Bitcoin Basics Review
a) Open
b) Private
c) Limited
d) Fast
e) “Non-collateralized”
f) Volatile
g) “Crypto”
h) Mining
i) The “BlockChain”
j) The Founder/Genesis Block

3) Currency Basics: USD vs Gold vs BTC
a) Physical vs Electronic
b) Hyperinflation
c) Volatility
d) Exchange Controls
e) Sovereignty

4) Financial Products
a) Exchanges
b) Clearing
c) Lending
d) Derivatives
e) OTC

5) Risks
a) Regulatory
b) Tax
c) Theft
d) Volatility
e) Credit
f) “Too fast”
g) Scrutiny
h) Technology Constraints

6) Settlements – where is the cash?

7) Opportunities in the Next 50 Years
a) Short-Term (Banking bitcoin)
b) Medium-Term (The Age of Liquidity)
c) Long-Term (The Players of Tomorrow)